David Doherty's art career began in his earliest memories of growing up in Southern California. Drawing and painting on everything from paper to linen window shades he bypassed the stage of pictures that could be hung on a refrigerator,  to creating panoramic theatrical settings and dimensional environments at a very young age.  Through his inherent ability to think dimensionally, Doherty will easily adapt seedling ideas and concepts into well fleshed out creations. 

Being raised in an environment that is heavily influenced by the entertainment business he saw film, theater and dimensional animation as an outlet to express his particular passion for art. Through his penchant for research and exploration Doherty studied any and all material on the subjects creating notes, sketchbooks as well as a library on these topics.  Applying these disciplines to his artwork lead to his achieving the "Deans Award" from the Atlanta College of Art as well as a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in drawing and painting. 

After returning to Los Angeles he began working in the model shop for a company called Landmark Entertainment Group which was established by a former Disney Imagineer, to create amusement parks and themed destinations around the world. This experience was a perfect way to apply the knowledge that he had accumulated over the years as it requires so many facets of the entertainment field.  The tenure at this company lead to working with many designers including Syd Mead, Charles Cancilier and Norm Newberry, in the future at such companies as Universal Creative,  Tree Entertainment,  Kurtti Pellerin and Warner Bros. studios. 

Over the past 14 years David Doherty has created 3 books including "There Once Was A Place Called P.O.P." about the mid century Santa Monica amusement pier, "Fun In The Dark," a collection of his drawings and paintings as well as "A Town Called Pacific Palisades," which is an illustrated tour of his home towns former businesses.  As "Reseacher" he contributed quite a bit of material for another book on "Pacific Ocean Park," from Process Press as well as the show / cataloge for "Never Built Los Angeles," at the Architecture and Design museum. 

His ongoing passion for creating his sketchbooks are also accompanied by other projects including two short films based on the musical compositions "The Sunken Cathedral" composed by Debussy and "Neptune" from the symphony "The Planets," by Holst. Currently he continues to live in a small desert community on the edge of Palm Springs and works on his "Organic" environments, many of which can be seen on this site.