I have published a collection of my work called “Fun In The Dark,” which is available at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1610976 . The compositions on this site represent everything from portraits to personal recollections of dreams and worlds that I have found in music.  Traveling through these spots by boat, on foot or via deep sea diving equipment has taken me to lands that are part of a very personal environment which is constantly evolving. My years of drawing have lead to the invention of a language that grew from recognizing elements that became familiar when they reappeared on a regular basis. At the outset of most of my work in charcoal, I have no plan or vision of where it will go and often find myself in places that are beyond me. Occasionally they reflect a real thing or situation that I am going through but generally they're just spontaneous inventions. 

The image above can be found the page titled

Charcoals and Environments.